Book: My Polar Dream

When I was 14, my greatest ambition was to play video games. When I was a teenager I “competed” in a bicycle race, that I failed miserably in. I played basketball, but showed little motivation to push myself, especially when it became painful. I was most certainly not thinking about multiple day treks across the polar icecaps.

It could have been jealousy or possibly pride, but I’m ashamed that my first thought upon seeing this book was that she probably had super rich parents who could buy her everything she needed to make this type of adventure possible. This of course was where I was wrong. Yes, money helps to physically get to the starting line, but after reading this book you will realize that strength, skill and mental prowess are paramount to success….

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The Fear of DNF

When I run my mind likes to wander. Even though I know exactly where my feet are going, it’s always a mystery where my mind will take me and where it’ll end up. One particular day I was contemplating the meaning of life and whether I had the guts and ability to run a 50 mile ultramarathon. While I have ran a couple marathons and plenty of smaller races, an ultra is way beyond anything I have ever experienced before. All I could think of was my dead body being medivacked off the course, which then reminded me of my very first (and last) bicycle race.

When I was in high-school I was obsessed with bicycling. I religiously read my Bicycling magazine from cover to cover, absorbing every little tip and trick. I would spend hours tuning, cleaning and buffing my Trek 830 Antelope until it gleamed. I would swap out components for newer and better ones. I spent hundreds of dollars on Paul Love Levers when they first came out (kudos if you remember these). While I could rattle off a plethora of bicycling facts, when it came to actually bicycling, the only places I rode were to the bookstore and the grocery store…

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