Valve Gears, Steam Engine Design, Steam Boiler Design

February 17th, 2015

In this 3rd installment of illustrations (see also Ernst Haeckel and John James Audubon) I bring you over 100 year old mechanical illustrations of valve gears, steam engines and boilers. These illustrations come from a 1908 I.C.S Reference Library book, Valve Gears, Steam Engine Design, Steam Boiler Design. I picked this particular book up from Shop Goodwill for a decent price.

It hurt me to scan this book as I had to open and push it down on the scanner to get the best scan. I could hear the brittle binding screaming in pain, but I managed to get 178 illustrations scanned from the book and made them available for you to download for free. I did a bit of minimal processing of the scans like cropping, sharpening and brightening, but other than that, they are as is from the book.

I hope you enjoy these illustrations and if you happen to use them, please give me some link love.