Chordin + Creative Market - A Case Study

March 16th, 2015

Chordin started out as a personal side project a year ago. The original designs that I came up with were more like a wireframe, meaning, flat, white and lacking personality. Over the course of the year I started thinking about how I might bring some kind of personality to the site.

I knew I stunk at creating my own visuals and the genre of the site didn’t exactly lend itself to many inspiring ideas, that is until Creative Market came into the picture. I was surfing the Recent Products section on Creative Market and ran across Danil Cetvericov’s illustrations. I really loved his abstract, funk, 80s style of illustration and knew immediately that this was exactly what I was looking for.

To complement the illustrations and design, I used a font called Electro by Alex Haigh and icons by Gasper Vidovic. Through Creative Market resources alone I was able to bring a skeleton of an idea to life. The total costs were $114, pocket-change for such a great set of design tools. You can see all the products I used below, and you can visit Chordin to see them in action.