Most people call me Teevio, but my real name is Stephen Hallgren. I am currently Co-Founder & CPO at Fanhandle and am passionate about pushing technology to the limits and solving complex problems with code.

In the not so distant past I’ve worked with the web engineering team at Autodesk slinging PHP, JS, HTML and CSS all over the place for their consumer product Creative Market.

Prior to Creative Market, I did an 8 year stint working on Virb. I had the privilege of working with an amazing team and helping build Virb from the ground up into what it is today.

I currently live in the great and grandiose city of Albany, NY [sarcasm intended] with my wife and 4 children. Aside from programming, I love to read, play guitar/ukelele, take photos, and hang out with my family.

If you’re ever in town, stop by and say “Hi.”